3 Easy Neko Atsume Cheats: Rare Cats

In Neko Atsume (also known as Kitty Collector in the English version of the mobile game), not all cats are equal. Players have deemed some cats as “rare” because they do not visit as often as the other cats and are more difficult to catch in your yard. It can become quite frustrating when you have been trying everything and nothing seems to make these special kitties show up. To help you, here are 3 cheats for neko atsume rare cats cannot resist.

1. Buy the Right Kind of Cat Food
Contrary to what some players might logically assume, it is not more expensive cat food that gets rare cats. Most of them are not really picky eaters, so just buy 3 dishes of Frisky Bitz for 30 silver fish. This is already the cheapest cat food you can find in the Shop and would serve a lot of cat. Avoid putting out the free cat food, Thrifty Bitz, which even normal cats avoid. Tubbs (the chubby white cat) will always come out whenever there is food and will leave a lot of fish. However, Sassy Fran (the cat in the French maid outfit) and Lady Meow-Meow (the lounging cat in sunglasses) will not touch any food less than a dish of Ritzy Bitz, which can be bought for 3 gold fish.
images (15)2. Rare Cats are Attracted to Special Items
While normal cats would play with different toys, rare cats will only come when you put their favorite items out. These toys are easy to remember because they are closely related to their cat. Here are some of the simplest to recall:
a) “Joe DiMeowgio” is named after baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio. So, his favorite is the Baseball.b) “Senor Don Gato” is modeled after Puss in Boots and carries a sword. He shows up to stab his nemesis Mister Mouse.c) “Chairman Meow” is a soldier cat named after Chairman Mao. He wears the Earthenware Pot as a camouflage helmet.d) “Conductor Whiskers” is dressed as a train conductor. He likes toys that are train-related like the Cardboard Choo-choo and Twisty Rail.e) “Ramses the Great” is an Egyptian sphinx cat. It follows that he likes the Tent designed to look like a Pyramid.f) “Ms. Fortune” is a lucky beckoning cat. She will show up to bring fortune to the red Cardboard House.g) “Mr. Meowgi” is a samurai cat. He does his sword exercises on the Scratching Log and meditates on the pink Sakura Pillow.
images (16)3. Take Note of the Weather
Some rare cats are sensitive to the weather. There are times when it is snowing in your yard, and that means there is a higher likelihood of Frosty (the snow cat in a straw coat) appearing. When that is the case, make sure to put his favorite Snowy Pillow out. Since it is cold, all cats would appreciate some warmth and putting the Heating Stove out would be good. This would also attract Guy Furry (the chef cat) and he would bake a pizza on it for you. However, when it is not snowing, leave the Glass Vase out instead so Guy Furry can make an ice cream sundae in it to cool you off.

Amazing Exclusive Features of ShowBox Android App

ShowBox app for android is becoming increasingly popular. This is an amazing application providing a huge storage for TV shows, movies and cartoons. Their database is also updated on regular basis.

The ShowBox app is designed for your android devices and personal computers. But what are the features that make this app great and amazing? Read on…

Exclusive Features of ShowBox Android App

· It’s quite simple to use and instructions also are quite convenient to follow

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· The ShowBox app has some maximum limit for unlocking your device like phone, and earning these points and when you reach the limit, you cannot earn additional points

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The ShowBox app is an incredible and amazing discovery for not only audio lovers but also for those people who enjoy their shows and movies in high definition. It’s compatible with all android devices, tablets, PCs and mobiles. You also don’t need any complicated downloading techniques since it’s quite easy and simple to download and follow.

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